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Jenny Kinds was laying on a nice soft towel on day. Jenny was a 23 year old beautiful brunette with light green eyes, and long hair. She had soft, smooth skin that covered all of her body, she liked the look of her skin, so she loved to wear her favorite shiny blue bikini that exposed her clean legs, arms, belly, and her innocent bellybutton that you could stick the tip of an index finger in just snug.

While lying on her towel with the sun shining on her skin, she looked around at the empty beach. She noticed a 50 year old looking women wearing a bikini, this wasn't something she was used to seeing, she didn't mind, after all the women was quite pretty, Jenny notice that the women had smooth skin, but not as smooth as hers, and straight short blond hair. The woman was a little overweight, but her soft chunky belly didn't make a difference in her beauty. Despite her wrinkles, she was attractive.

Jenny noticed that her skin was a little dry, so got out her lotion, put some on her hands, and started to rub her sexy legs and her smooth thighs, while she was rubbing her arms. Jenny looked up and noticed that the women had placed her towel near Jenny's towel.

"Hello." Said Jenny in a sweet voice.

"Hello honey." Said the women "Sure some nice weather we are having in this area."

"Yeah." Said Jenny. "So you working on a tan?"

"Sort of." Said the Women, "Might I say you look very cute." Jenny Blushed and giggled.

"Thanks, you look great to." Said Jenny.
The woman smiled and said, "The names Amy."

"I'm Jenny."

"So what's a cute girl like you doing her all alone?" asked Amy.

"Well I like to just relax." Replied Jenny. "Say, you really seem to be noticing my looks."

"I hope you don't mind dear." Said Amy

"Oh, I don't." smiled Jenny

"I'm glad, because it' been a while since I've run into a girl with such, a sexy body." Said Amy, Jenny giggled.

"You mind checking something for me sweetie?" AskedAmy

"No problem." Said Jenny

"Look into my eyes and tell me what you see." Said Amy.

"Um… ok." Said a confused Jenny. Jenny looked into the eyes of Amy, and didn't notice anything but big beautiful blue eyes. "Nothing unusual."

"That's nice." Said Amy. "Oh my lord, I never noticed how beautiful your tummy is!"

"Oh it's ok." Said Jenny "It's soft not muscle"

"If you ask me, I like soft, soft is sexy, that's what I say, hey how do you get such a nice figure?" Asked Amy.

"Well you have quite the sexy figure." Said Jenny. Amy chuckled "But if you really want to know, I stay on a diet of low carbs and water." Said Jenny, reaching over to her water. Jenny took a gulp of water and put the cap back on. Jenny started to fell dizzy. "Whoa."
Said Jenny. Her vision started getting blurry. "What the hell is going on?"

"Shhhhhhh, everything's gonna be fine, wow those herbs I put in your water kicked in fast" Said Amy.

Next thing Jenny knew, she's in a dark room still wearing hear bikini. She tries to move, but she can't. She looks around; both her arms and feet are restraints. Her feet placed on little steps at the same level, Jenny tried to move but she couldn't, the restraints and steps are attached to a soft black gym mat leaning back at a 60 degree turn.

"Hello?!" yelled Jenny.

"Oh good your awake" said Amy. The lights turned on, they were in a basement. Amy was sitting in a chair in front of Jenny at belly level.

"What are you doing!?"

"Having some fun." Said Amy as she stood up, pulled the ponytail holder out of Jenny's hair, and then sat back down. Amy tucked Jenny's hair behind Jenny's back, then started to twirl her figure around Jenny's belly.

"S-s-st-stop." Chuckled Jenny

"Why?" said Amy sarcastically.

"Because it tickles ahahaha!"

"I know it does dear." Said Amy as she stroked Jenny's sides.

"You did this to tickle mehehehe?" Asked Jenny.
Amy started to lick Jenny's sides.

"Oh my god oh my god oh my gooooooooooHAHAHAHA! Pleeeeese stooooop HAHAHA!" Pleaded Jenny.
Amy moved her tongue away from Jenny's  sides.

"Why would you want me to stop? As I said, you have a sexy figure."

"But must you tickle it?" asked Jenny.

"Well… no, but it's a lot more fun this way." Amy started to circle Jenny's bellybutton with her finger again.

"Not for mehehehe!" Laughed Jenny.

"How about after this you can tickle me?" suggested Amy

"That's not what I me-AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!" Jenny was cut off by laughter once Amy placed her lips on Jenny's belly and blew.

"Those are called raspberries sweetie." Said Amy sweetly.

"I know what those ar- no please, I'm begging you!" said a terrified Jenny as Amy slow creeped her fingers towards Jenny's soft exposed belly. Amy's fingers dove into the soft flesh of Jenny's belly, and started relentlessly squeezing and softly scratching all parts of Jenny's thin beautiful belly.

"Kochi Kochi Ko!" Said Amy in a playful like voice.

"BWAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA PLEASE AHAHAHAHA STOP YOU HAHAHA CRAZY BITCH!" yelled a squirming Jenny her face started turning pink. Amy did not give in, and started poking and prodding the sides of Jenny's belly, while still tickling the front of Jenny's belly.


"Wow, you're as sexy as you are ticklish, and your skin, so soft, I can't help but." Amy said as she proceeded to blow into her stomach.

Amy started making her fingers crawl up and down Jenny's soft sides, hitting all the sensitive areas.

"Kochi Kochi Ko!"

Before Jenny could finish her sentence Amy blew hard into Jenny's stomach, causing an explosion of laughter. Amy then plunged her hands into the center of Jenny's squishy belly.


"Nothing's wrong with me honey, just have fun." Said Amy

"It's wrong if you... what oh my goHAHAHAHAHAHAHA OH MY GOOOOOOOOOD!"
Amy had started licking Jenny's bellybutton.

Amy didn't stop; in fact she started licking faster.


"Oh you're so yummy!" said Amy in a sexy voice.

Jenny was cut off by another raspberry. Amy started to softly scratch Jenny's soft, belly.


Jenny tried sucking in, but she couldn't escape Amy's long nails. Amy started stroking Jenny's belly.

"Pleahehehehes stop!" Begged Jenny
Amy stopped, pulled away, and walked to the end of the room. A relieved, pink Jenny watched her.

"Are you done?" asked Jenny
Amy laughed, "Oh you're so cute I'm just getting started." Amy wiped Jenny down with a towel she had gotten from the end of the room. Amy sat down, and lifted up her hands.

"This little piggy went to the market." Amy put down 1 hand

"This little piggy poked your sides." Amy poked Jenny's sides, Jenny squeaked.

"And this little piggy." Amy held up both her hands. "Went to your thighs." Amy said in a cheerful voice.

Jenny's eyes widened. Before she call yell, Amy was going to town on her thighs. Amy dove her hands into Jenny's thighs and started tickling ruthlessly.

"AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHHHAHAHAHAHAHAH."Screamed Jenny. Jenny was going crazy, she wanted to move, but the restraints were to strong, she was helpless.

Her body was flailing, using the limited area she had to flail. She was drowning in laughter, her bikini was wet with sweat. Jenny couldn't take it.


"Now this is just sexy!" Said Amy, not giving up on Jenny' thighs.

"Tickle tickle tickle!"

Amy released her hands from Jenny's thighs.  Jenny sighed with relief.

"Oh, I have a sexy idea!" said Amy happily. Amy walked over to a mini fridge and got out a bottle of water.

"That doesn't have herbs in it right?" said Jenny

Amy chuckled "No dear, just water to cool you down." Said Amy. Amy opened the water bottle, and gave some to Jenny. "Now time for the sexy part!" cheered Amy. Amy then poured the water all over Jenny, on her belly, and armpits. Amy tossed the empty water bottle somewhere in the room.

"Well… at least I'm cool." Said Jenny

"That's not why I poured the water on you." Amy sat down "I love your belly button." Amy put the tip over her index figure in Jenny's belly button.

"I'm being serious right now, please don't do what I think your gonna do." Pleaded Jenny
Amy laughed "Not a chance."

Amy started shaking her figure in Jenny's belly button.

Jenny's soft belly was shacking, it was like sound waves were in her entire her stomach. Jenny was laughing hysterically. Her bellybutton was extremely ticklish, and Amy knew that.

"Why look at that tummy shake!" Said Amy "Your tummy is even sexier when it's wet, I'm so glad I found you today!"


"Because your sexy… oh I have even better idea!" Said Amy. Amy pulled away from Jenny's belly and moved toward the soft sides of Jenny's belly, and started quickly squeezing them over and over again.


"You're so squishy!" Said a cheerful Amy. "And so wet, tickle tickle tickle!

"Are you done yet HAHAHAHAHAHA!?" said an exhausted Jenny

"After this." Said Amy


Amy had started tickling Jenny's armpits with her tongue. Jenny tries to pull away but the shackles were too strong. Amy was chuckling; she was enjoying the torture of Jenny. Amy stopped and looked at Jenny's face.

"I don't just want laughter, I want tears." Said Amy
Amy went back to Jenny's thighs.

Tears of laughter started flowing out of Jenny's eyes. But Amy didn't give in.

"I want more!"Said a cheerful Amy!
Jenny couldn't take any more.

"More more more! Yes keep it coming!" cheered Amy
Jenny was covered in tears.

Amy stopped.

"I got what I wanted." Said Amy in a sexy tone.

"Really!?" said a relieved Jenny.
"Of course, I got to tickle the hell out of a beautiful girl, I got to play with that sexy tummy of yours, and felt very powerful." Said Amy

Amy took off the wrist and ankle restraints, and Jenny slumped to the floor covered in tears and sweat. But Jenny was smart. Jenny had a plan. She stood up and walked over to Amy and said in a seductive voice.

"You know, I had a lot of fun, I mean why wouldn't I with your sexy body, and your hands feeling me all over."
Jenny walked over to Amy; Jenny put her hand on Amy's butt and whispered in her ear. "I like a girl that's good with her hands."
Amy fell for it. She put her hands on Jenny's breasts."I like this side of you Jenny!" Said Amy in a seductive voice. Jenny had Amy right where she wanted her. Jenny brought Amy over to the mat she was once on, and quickly put the wrist and ankle restraints on Amy.

"What do you think you're doing!" Yelled Amy.
Jenny plunged her hands into Amy's chunky stomach. Amy's eyes widened with fear. Jenny started tickling Amy.

While tickling Amy, Jenny smiled looked in Amy's laughing face and said.

"What do you think I'm doing? After all, it's my turn."
Just a fantasy. Want more stories like this? Follow!
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Do you do requests
HappyTriangle Featured By Owner May 24, 2013  Student Writer
Yeah, but it might take a while, and If I like it I will.
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Sorry I don't do M/F Tickling, really sorry. :(
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HappyTriangle Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2013  Student Writer
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Awesome story makes me wish that would happen at the beach for me XD
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Good first story
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ZhaneAugustine Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2012
Its okay Mine was a request, so no harm done ^^
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HappyTriangle Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2012  Student Writer
Thanks :) im making more, i appreciate the feedback
Fennessey88 Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2012
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